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Medical devices on human health harmful?

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Nano-robots are hundreds of atoms, molecules composed of particles, the size of only a few dozen nanometers, surfactants great that it can enter the bloodstream, remove excess lipids and harmful substances, stimulate blood cell activity, complete the doctor can not be completed vascular repair work.
       In terms of medical equipment, new materials technology is the technology according to the will of man, through physics, materials design, material processing, test evaluation process produced a series of studies of new materials. Cleverly using new materials technology, greatly improving the technical performance of health care equipment, field medical equipment to make strong function, small size, light weight, high strength. Recently used widely in addition to the traditional metal materials, non-metallic materials bureau, as well as composite materials, biomedical materials, nano-materials on hygiene equipment. As in wound dressings and tissue engineering, biomaterials that are widely used: Medical Equipment, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, developed using biotechnology collagen sponge and chitosan material, not only can be prepared in a variety of dressings and cavity fillings, and the bracket can be made to promote the skin or bone tissue repair and regeneration. Application field hospital hygiene signs new luminous materials technology, the day after the night light can be maintained 7h luminous, light volume both to ensure the close identification, but also to prevent the exposure of long-range goals. In the field of molecular sieve oxygen gas separation technology and equipment, based on the successful development of the four towers and two towers PsA process technology to meet the wartime demand with oxygen. Field application of the system was equipped with the new park's first EDI membrane separation technology to improve the quality of water, reducing energy and water consumption, to avoid environmental pollution, so that the process for preparing the infusion fluid greatly simplified.