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Detection of medical devices

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Production of modern health care equipment in order to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, it is necessary to strictly control the production process and to achieve this control, must first of various parameters and status of the production process timely and effective detection. Therefore, the detection of the base control, the control can not be separated to detect. In modern life, all kinds of medical electronic equipment, medical testing equipment, household appliances mostly contains both control and detection are also included in the aviation, aerospace and military defense, the measurement and control is inseparable.
      With the development of science and technology, electronics technology because of its high accuracy, speed, ease of use of a computer system, easy to implement many of the advantages of automation, etc., are widely used in medical electronic equipment, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy of diagnosis of the disease, to ensure the safety and effectiveness of medical electronic equipment.
     In the research and production practice, the amount to be measured or controlled generally be divided into two major categories of electricity and non-electricity; biological information from medical electronic equipment made in vivo or surface can be divided into morphological information and function information; medical from the structure of the instrument can be divided into active and passive medical devices medical equipment into two categories.
     Medical device testing method correct or not is very important, whether it is directly related to the medical device testing work can be carried out properly, can meet the technical standards. Thus, depending on the measurement requirements necessary to find a practical detection method, and then select the appropriate tool for the detection or the detection apparatus according to the detection method, the composition of the medical device or the detection system detecting means, actual testing. If the detection method is unreasonable, even with high-precision measuring instruments or equipment can not get the desired results.