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Medical devices are classified in accordance with what the?

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Medical devices are classified in accordance with what?
       Classification of medical devices is very strict, and has a certain classification when determining principle, first, the implementation of classification of medical devices must be carried out according to the decision table, not according to other documents, medical devices when determining the classification mainly depending on the purpose and actual use for the purpose, with a product, purpose, and his mode of action, if not the same, it would need to be determined, and the second, if some equipment is needed, and other medical devices used in conjunction with health care, should be classified separately, and according to the classification attachment, the attachment and host separate annex to classification according to the third, according to the position of the body's use of different forms of risk should be based on the use and status classification, control software instruments, should be controlled medical devices in the same sub-category, if a medical device can be used two or more categories to be taken using a higher classification than that, the product should be the monitoring of medical devices and medical devices to be monitored points in the same category, and finally to the work requires the State drug Administration of the need to adjust the classification of the supervision and management of medical devices, the use of medical devices are very cautious, because a little bit careless, it may be used the patient received injuries, so here to remind us that in the time to classification of medical devices must be strictly enforced in accordance with the relevant provisions